Thailand is a popular option for people who want to live abroad. There are many reasons why people choose Thailand, from the nice weather year round to the cheaper cost of living, to better medical care. Thailand has many amazing places where you can live, but Bangkok is a popular location to live. Most people either own or rent a Bangkok condo, so they enjoy the city while living in other areas of Thailand.

Why Bangkok is The Best Place to Live in Thailand

Bangkok was once a Chinese trading port and is now the capital of Thailand. The city was also a popular spot for the American troops during the Vietnam War. The city is now a booming cosmopolitan and modern city. The city has become a popular area for expats due to the cheap condo for sale in Bangkok, and the lower cost of living.

Bangkok has various price ranges for food and living arrangements. Within the same block, you can find some of the best noodles in Asia for less than a dollar, and five-star restaurants that charge over $100 per meal.

With the growing number of expats living in Bangkok, there is a huge amount of activities that were brought to the city, and enjoyed by foreigners. Another major benefit of living in Bangkok is the low cost of high-quality health care. Many of the top doctors have their offices in the city, and most specialists cost about $50 to see.


Owning a Bangkok condo in the heart of the city is a popular option since there is public transportation that links it to all the other areas of the city and to other surrounding cities. Most activities and shops are also within walking distance of most Bangkok condo buildings. The price of the condos in heart of the city is not much different from other areas of the city.  So, most people choose to live in the center of the city for the convenience of having everything that they need nearby.

Owning land in Thailand is difficult because there are tight laws about expats owning land. This is why most expats choose a Bangkok condo rental long-terms they do not have to go through the long process of buying land. Buying Bangkok condo for sale by owner is possible for an expat, but they need to check how much of the building is owned by other expats before starting the process.

There are many new condos in Bangkok and many older condos for sale. Since more people are always moving into Bangkok, the city is still growing. With the high amount of English-speaking people who live in the city, moving into a Bangkok condo is great option if you want to live abroad.